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FNaB Beta

by Zany Gecko



FNaB Beta, a project made by Zany Gecko using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Scary, Arcade


advanced costume handling, delays, simple messaging, input/output, simple events, basic math, layers, simple loops

  • #Lines:111
  • #Actors:13
  • #Costumes:28
  • #Scripts:22

Text Snippets

  • door closed left
  • close door right
  • hello! hello, hello!
  • so... youre new to the job, arent you?
  • doesnt really matter, does it. this is a recorded tape after all.
  • but anyways... uh... welcome to bonner’s pizzeria!
  • you might see those animatronics standing there. yes, theyre freaky. yes,they move. but dont worry.
  • they arent... really... dangerous... er...
  • who the heck am i kidding. theyre freaking dangerous.
  • well... this is the end of my call... im probably going to get fired.
  • oh yeah, and, the animatronics will attempt to attack you... just shut the door.
  • the animatronics have an advanced ai, which allows them to learn new things.
  • that means that, they will gradually become harder, night after night. so... good luck!