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Fighting Simulator (OG)

by Spectacular Cashier



Fighting Simulator (OG), a project made by Spectacular Cashier using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Clicker, Art, Stick Figure


input/output, delays, simple events, text handling, variables, cloning, visibility, simple conditionals, simple variables, expert math, simple loops, simple sound playing, simple costume handling, miscellaneous, pen color, basic math, advanced costume handling, simple messaging, simple motion, layers

  • #Lines:312
  • #Actors:19
  • #Costumes:25
  • #Scripts:46

Text Snippets

  • Fighting Simulator (OG)
  • are you new here?
  • great! lets gets started.
  • do you see the stickman?
  • click the stickman to punch the bag. the more you punch, the more points you earn. try it!
  • on the top of your screen, you see, there are boxes.
  • those boxes are upgrades. if you get enough money, you can buy them.
  • now, i wouldn't mess with the demon in the bottom right. he's scary.
  • if you need to repeat the instructions, click the help buttons on the left side of the screen.
  • sword= 20 points
  • bow & arrow= 35 points
  • you wish to fight me?
  • you should've never tried.
  • waaaaah!!! you make me so sad... ;-;
  • prepare to be destroyed!
  • you are not ready yet. reach 3000000 points to fight me.
  • spear= 100 points
  • team= 250 points
  • ninja stars= 750
  • the blade= 7500 points
  • drawing211111111
  • the bow= 15000 points
  • drawing2111111111
  • the axe= 45000 points
  • thank my friend for inspiring me to do this clicker game. he taught me how to code clickers. that was how this was all possible. big thanks for everyone! especially my friend!
  • on the top, there are upgrades. click them to make more points.
  • Green Button Off
  • purple button on
  • press the stickman to make points
  • Purple Button Off
  • Purple Button On
  • i wouldn't mess with the demon if i were you.
  • click the other buttons if you need help.
  • what is the secret code?

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