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Factory Simulator 2020 HACKED VERSION


originally from "Factory Simulator 2020" by Staplesoft Development



Factory Simulator 2020 HACKED VERSION, a project made by BEEPER using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Photo, Art, Animation, Role Playing, App, Music, Word, Battle, Animals


simple variables, variables, basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, delays, simple loops, advanced math, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1659
  • #Actors:60
  • #Costumes:73
  • #Scripts:244

Text Snippets

  • that is an invalid value. positive numbers, and numbers only.
  • oreprocessingbuttonsa
  • oreprocessingbuttonsd
  • checking for valid input
  • purchasequantity
  • information panel
  • hello! this game is still in active development! expect glitches! if you find them, we will too, and will fix them!
  • center message box
  • ore sell value:
  • how much ore would you like to buy?
  • how much ore would you like to sell? (put all to sell all ore!)
  • woops! you dont have enough of that product to sell.
  • woops! you dont have enough money to buy that product.
  • shoppurchaseconfirmlabel1
  • are you sure you want to buy
  • are you sure you want to sell
  • a invalid exchange request was sent. please try again.
  • shoppurchaseconfirmlabel2
  • shoppurchaseconfirmyes
  • shopstaminainfpu
  • hmm.. there was a problem with your exchange. please try again.
  • shoppurchaseconfirmno
  • infinite stamina
  • you must use numbers only. example: 2,000 no | 2000 yes | abc no
  • shoppurchaseconfirmlabel3
  • **do not press yes if price is “nan$”!**
  • woops! you don’t own that product. buy it at the shop!
  • what do you want to do?
  • how much ore would you like to convert? (put all to convert all) one ore takes
  • seconds to convert.
  • furnaceorechange
  • hmm.... you don’t have enough ore to convert.
  • (of a) second(s) remaining
  • hmm.. there is no ore for the furnace to convert.
  • how much coal would you like to put in the furnace? say all to put in all coal. (each second the furnace is running uses 1 coal)
  • shopproductbutton
  • how much ingots would you like to buy?
  • how much ingots would you like to sell? (put all to sell all ingots!)
  • ingot sell value:
  • feature coming soon!

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