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by Knowledgeable Conductor

originally from "ESCAPE 3" by Purple Baboon



ESCAPE 3 1, a project made by Knowledgeable Conductor using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Puzzle, Strategy, Stick Figure, Storytelling


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, input/output, text handling, simple loops, delays, direction and turning, simple costume handling, system date, timer, resize actor, graphic effects, simple sound playing, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, conditional loops, basic math, simple motion, video control, program control

  • #Lines:752
  • #Actors:69
  • #Costumes:73
  • #Scripts:293

Text Snippets

  • welcome to time attack!
  • solve puzzles as fast as you can!
  • collect time orbs to lower your time.
  • tap on people and things to interact to it.
  • story mode: the main mode for this game, you go solve puzzles to complete the game.
  • time attack: solve puzzles as fast as you can.
  • options: you can change various settings here.
  • tapping: this game is for finger fitness, you tap on stuff to interact to it.
  • hi! i’m bob the snake.
  • can you feed me a mouse?
  • better than a big stack of meatloaf.
  • hello! i am the guard.
  • if you wanna go in, what is the password?
  • hello! i am the password keeper!
  • here is a code card!
  • your best time:
  • creator’s best time: 200.200
  • since you completed the time attack, please sign your name using the keyboard.
  • hello! this is me, william roberts.
  • i am sorry for not telling you my name!
  • but today in texas...
  • our town has become a big mess from a tornado of darkness.
  • kabao shusa is going to destroy texas and i have to stop him.
  • i have to go the airport and visit tokyo.
  • if you wanna take a trip to japan.
  • i have to see your card!
  • okay... have a good flight.
  • do you think that i look pretty.
  • that looks strange, isn’t it!
  • why did the flight say “100 minutes”?
  • pfft... i wanted my money back!
  • hey! wanna watch my adult show?
  • watch it, you will like it and it was funny.
  • come back if you wanna watch it again!
  • man... texas is now in ruins cause of the evil government.
  • i hope kabao gives up destroying texas.
  • but everything is in danger...
  • the people, animals and wildlife got disease.
  • my father is dead as well.... i have to be a hero.
  • but in my life before being a hero...
  • i was stuck in the middle of a desert cause some bandits threw me out there.
  • i made it to texas... i see my great uncle who works as president.
  • we had a war and everything is bad, the bad japanese war by kabao’s control is victorious.
  • one more... and it is doomsday.
  • i hope there are sonic the hedgehog stuff there cause i love sega.
  • welcome to the airport of tokyo.
  • hope you enjoy your fun trip!
  • wow! there is super mario bros. z for nintendo switch!
  • i am exicted to play the game... höu?
  • thanks for the fruit.
  • let’s do some math.
  • come here... i want to talk to you.
  • ha! ha! i caught you!
  • now kaboa will come and get you when caught.
  • maybe pick the guy close to the screen next time.
  • my name is kabushi miyamoto.
  • i am nintendo’s greatest producer.
  • the guy next to the building is evil, please leave him alone.
  • kabao’s fortress is beyond tokyo.
  • please go in my car and we will drive to the nintendo company.