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en ser, a project made by Ahead Vampire using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Adventure, Racing, Word, Battle, Clone, Taking Care Of, App, Photo, Animation, Customizer


basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, advanced math, delays, simple loops, conditional loops, simple variables, variables, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:4774
  • #Actors:146
  • #Costumes:259
  • #Scripts:1161

Text Snippets

  • desert landscape
  • mountains, lake, city, planet vegeta, pilaf’s castle, baba’s palace, flaming mountain, artic, snake way, hfil, muscle tower, tournament of power, bad future, buu’s house,
  • villian chosen baby
  • villian chosen cell
  • villian chosen chilled
  • villian chosen nappa
  • villian chosen beerus
  • character chosen gohan
  • chosen character vegeta
  • character chosen goten
  • character chosen future trunks
  • character chosen broly
  • character chosen bardock
  • character chosen goku
  • character chosen goku black
  • character chosen frieza
  • character chosen lord slug
  • character chosen frost
  • character chosen jiren
  • character chosen buu
  • character chosen caulifla
  • one handed-kamehameha
  • villian absorbed
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 1
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 2
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 3
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 4
  • Sc:pr:Explosion 5
  • drawing copy copy
  • charge goku black
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • drawing copy copy 1
  • charge giant slug
  • drawing copy copy 2
  • tracking ball iii
  • tracking ball ii
  • tracking ball iv
  • cell games arena
  • kingkai’s planet
  • black kamehameha
  • jiren true power
  • choose a character(tap the screen if you already did)
  • certain characters have different abilitys
  • the bottom row is where the basic moves are. each guy will have those moves
  • some moves you can hold like charge, kaioken, and the attack button
  • other moves have a time limit or won’t let you move while their in use.
  • some abilities have an animation like ultra instinct.
  • dont report glitches because most of those i already know about.
  • glitches i know about include...
  • ouzarru growth glitch, after image glitch, disappearing character, and candy beam glitch
  • i have been trying to some of them but other im going to keep like ouzarru grouth and after image.
  • if you want to change your character click “menu”
  • feel free to copy and make the game how you want.
  • hopefully you stay in contact. and have fun playing!
  • broly, goku, vegeta, goku black, gohan, goten/gotenks, bardock, trunks, frieza, lord slug, frost, jiren, buu, caulifla
  • characters (in order on screen)
  • aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • no buu kamehameha!
  • first plan attack
  • test dummy (saibamen)
  • negative karma ball
  • hyperbolic time chamber
  • world tournament
  • dr. gero’s lab
  • grandpa gohan’s house
  • super ghost kamikaze
  • special beam cannon
  • pilaf’s castle
  • flaming mountain
  • hfil (home for infinite losers)
  • tournament of power
  • emergency delete

Remixes of "en ser" (96)

dragon ball unreal origanial one
dragon ball unreal origanial one 1
dragon ball unreal origanial one 1
dragon ball unreal origanial one 1 1
dragon ball unreal origanial one 1
dragon ball unreal origanial one 1
dragon ball unreal 2.7.6 1 3