Eat Your Vegstables AND Fruits PLEASEE

by Jade!

originally from "Eat Your Vegstables PLEASEE" by 😎Cyber😎



Eat Your Vegstables AND Fruits PLEASEE, a project made by Jade! using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Storytelling

Text Snippets

  • jellyboy veggies
  • hi my name is jellerfosh veggies and fruit
  • im here to tell people the legends of what happens
  • when you eat your vegstables
  • what veggie/fruit do you want to learn about
  • at first people grew carrots as medicane not food.
  • apples are helpful to help whiten teeth because a apple is used as a chemical in toothpaste.
  • and apples seeds contain cyanide if you eat them dont worry because your body can handle that little amount of it.
  • banana's are the most common fruit in a american's diet
  • and banana's float on water who wouldve guessed
  • the high amount of acid in a lemon makes it a good cleaning partner.
  • lemons are native to asia
  • one zuccchini is just 25 calories.
  • in the united states califorina produces 90% of the total broccoli.
  • sour/brusied pineapples from central america or hawwia are the most fresh
  • the mango fruit is available in various shapes and sizes.
  • please enter a different fruit/vegstable please
  • what veggie or fruit do you want to learn about???


  • background scene - Calm Ocean
    background scene - Calm Ocean
  • JellerFosh - jellyboy veggies
    JellerFosh - jellyboy veggies

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Eat Your Vegstables AND Fruits PLEASEE
by Jade!