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by Deeply Drain

remixed from " E.D.I.T {PRO}" by Cryptic Waffle

originally from "Project {E.D.I.T}" by Cryptic Waffle



{E.D.I.T} {PRO} EPIC GAMES!, a project made by Deeply Drain using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


basic math, simple conditionals, simple variables, miscellaneous, variables, delays, string handling, advanced math, simple loops, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:809
  • #Actors:36
  • #Costumes:55
  • #Scripts:170

Text Snippets

  • untitled_project
  • welcome to {e.d.i.t} {pro} by pcpixel top left button will toggle interface! 👉use the new "more" button to get even more tools!!!! 👀
  • what text would you like to add?
  • camera questions
  • warning!! this will delete your work!!! do you want to continue?
  • adventurous music
  • Adventurous Music
  • using {e.d.i.t}
  • you are playing a plagerized copy of an awesome game by pcpixel! search for the original, and report this copy at once!
  • what is the name of your project?
  • what is your name or username?
  • your answers have been recorded, you can change them at any time, they will appear when you save your art using the save button!
  • use bottom left button to rename!
  • {e.d.i.t} extreme design interface tools pen shade & color & size - use the + & - buttons to change them. costom color button - uses the camera to get a costom color. save button - saves art to camera roll. profile - sets your project name. camera & pen switch - turns them on or off. camera flip - changes camera mode to front or back. emoji's - they will be placed at the location of your pen, use the "erase emoji's" button to remove them. bg color - changes bg color
  • {e.d.i.t} |pro| tools insert text ~ inserts text at pen location, with pen color. idea generator ~ generates a random idea for you to draw. sound ~ toggles sound on & off. bg theme ~ changes bg themes (scenes)
  • use >>pen status<< to turn pen off, before adding emoji's or text
  • what's new in pro? improved ui & color label {cross platform} 65 new backgrounds!! 30 drawing ideas more tools!! 👀
  • extreme design interface tools {e.d.i.t} by pcpixel leave a like!! enjoy!! dont copy!!
  • draw a cat and/or dog!
  • draw a unicorn and/or rainbow!
  • draw a bike and/or unicycle!
  • check out my other games and leave this one a ❤️
  • draw something summer or winter themed!
  • draw something spring or fall themed!
  • draw something around you and/or yourself!
  • draw somthing school or job related!
  • draw somthing tech/industrial themed!
  • draw an aquatic or desert enviorment!
  • draw a forest or city!
  • draw somthing space and/or sci-fi related!
  • draw a mythical creature and/or create your own!
  • draw your favorite and/or least favorite thing, place, person?, ect.
  • draw somthing movie and/or book related!
  • this game was made by pcpixel, if the username is not pcpixel report it
  • 👉check out {edit} {ar}
  • tap here for help