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DragonballSuper Battle - copy 1 1

by Irritating Volleyball

originally from "peep battle" by Happygolucky Sheep



DragonballSuper Battle - copy 1 1, a project made by Irritating Volleyball using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Battle, Remake, Photo, Cool / Wow, Animation, Simulator


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, detect conditions, basic math, delays, resize actor, simple loops, advanced motion, simple conditionals, layers, variables, simple costume handling, input/output, conditional loops, text handling, direction and turning, simple variables, simple motion, advanced math, functions, advanced events, advanced costume handling, miscellaneous, conditional wait, screen bounds

  • #Lines:375
  • #Actors:26
  • #Costumes:57
  • #Scripts:63

Text Snippets

  • DragonballSuper Battle - copy 1 1
  • you will never win
  • Sc:pr:Red Button Off
  • Sc:pr:Cyan Button Off
  • Sc:pr:Green Button Off
  • Sc:pr:Green Button On
  • purple button on
  • Purple Button Off
  • purple button on1
  • jiren will lose!!!
  • when at 2k hp you can finish jiren with one button or just continue to play
  • bottom message box
  • Metal Platform 1
  • Metal Platform 2

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