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Dr. Dee's Lab v0.1

by Frosty Railway



Dr. Dee's Lab v0.1, a project made by Frosty Railway using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Animation, Photo, Storytelling, Game, Simulator, Social, My News, Cool / Wow


delays, simple sound playing, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:310
  • #Actors:35
  • #Costumes:65
  • #Scripts:69

Text Snippets

  • Dr. Dee's Lab v0.1
  • sorry i have not been posting any lab work for year already. so sorry for that delay i will try to get back on track. next update is september 1, 2019. thank you for your support.
  • i'm really smart now!
  • tap on one of the testing tubes to exerperiment on me!
  • i hope this won't kill me...
  • that was unpredictable!
  • i feel 100 times heavier!
  • this panda potion was created by pandadood.
  • rainbow comes out
  • wow! but where's the gold? i thought i could've got rich!
  • this creative potion was made by joyful puppy.
  • body disconnects
  • this doesn't even hurt
  • why is my body disconnected?!?!
  • phew, by the way, this potion was made by special beetle.
  • lo que acaba de suceder... (what just happened...)
  • ¡¡puedo hablar español !! (i can talk spanish!!)
  • y estoy vestido como un mexicano ... creo. ¡pero todavía esto es increíble! (and i am dressed like a mexican... i think. but this is still awesome!)
  • esto es por wellgroomed jet. (this is by wellgroomed jet.)
  • aww... that was cool!
  • roblox everything, my house is even made out of roblox
  • even my teeth, see
  • i need to play...
  • oh, where was i? this potion was made by snowleopard_girl.
  • i always wanted to fly!!
  • :( i wanted to fly more. aw.
  • this potion was made by peppermint productions.
  • *long akward silence*
  • phew, glad that horrible sensation was over, this was made by several tiger. and... i couldn't take a picture of it. my device isn't compatible. sorry! but i at least tried to draw your great drawing. yours is much better than mine!!
  • aww! i'm a ghost!
  • wait... does that mean i'm...
  • switch back please, switch back!!!
  • thanks for enjoying the halloween holiday special!
  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! the world grew bigger!
  • hu? oh, i was wrong. he he.
  • let me clean myself up....
  • this icky potion was made by dade beach 11
  • crazy hair day!! wahoo!
  • this fun potion was made by plain meadow
  • weird cat colorful
  • meow????? meowwww!!!!!
  • this crazy colorful cat potion was made by cooked sprout
  • i can't breathe! i need water!!!
  • this potion was made by gabby light, but if i'm wrong, i'm sorry. please tell me your username next time.
  • 20 minutes later...
  • big waterfall hide
  • oooooo! i sure am hungry. lunch time!
  • pizza2 come my body
  • greatest pizza ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • wow!!! that must've been a pizza from space!
  • and aliens made it!
  • dr.dee finishes of what he was going to say come on
  • this potion was made by me, kenzie!
  • blobby!!!!! ahh!
  • phew, this halloween fun potion was made by overconfident pelt.
  • i'm a pangolin! wow! i have so many scales.
  • i'm so cute. lookin' good!!
  • this unique potion was made by oval muffin
  • doo de doo de doo...
  • i will burn everything
  • there’s something crazy in my mind
  • ahhhh i’m changing different colors i hope this stops soon
  • if you have an idea of a liquid that does something to dr. dee, make a project that is named for dr. dee! on the project, tell me what color it is, and tell me if there are any effects in the liquid, like bubbles, sparkles, stinky gases, or smell good gases, and anything else! you could draw what it looks like and you have to tell me what it does when dr. dee drinks it! you could add anything extra to the liquid also! •when dr. dee drinks your liquid on this game, he will say who it was created by.
  • big rainbow ball
  • alien creature 5

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