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dorito clicker! 1 1

by Materialistic Iguana

remixed from "meme clicker! 1" by Alike Anteater

originally from "meme clicker! " by Nine Increase



dorito clicker! 1 1, a project made by Materialistic Iguana using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Clicker, App, Photo, Animation, Animals


simple conditionals, variables, simple variables, basic math, miscellaneous, expert math, delays, simple loops

  • #Lines:391
  • #Actors:21
  • #Costumes:24
  • #Scripts:102

Text Snippets

  • dorito clicker! 1 1
  • center message box
  • are you a first time player?
  • if you are gonna get the admin code i recomend taking a screenshot
  • welcome back then!
  • tap the doritos to earn money
  • tap shop to open shop
  • thats all there is to it. enjoy!
  • costs 100, do you want to buy
  • not enough mlg coin!
  • do you want to buy me?
  • cat power bought!
  • mtn dew costume cost:50 mlg coin
  • this is a speed enhancement for doge do you want to buy? (500 mlg coin)
  • clicker upgrades
  • cat costume cost: 75 mlg coin
  • mlg god cost: 100000
  • whats new!: made shops more easy to use, fixed buges, and much more!
  • plus working on a new shop and adding costumes!
  • spongey cost: 100 mlg coin
  • get the admin code!
  • go to ( and fill out the form