Dont press button 4

by Defeated Platypus

remixed from "Dont press button mr.bean 1 1" by NikolaiRummnoff

originally from "Dont press button mr.bean" by Piquant Snickerdoodle



Dont press button 4, a project made by Defeated Platypus using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Storytelling, Cool / Wow, Animation, Tower Defense, Photo, Arcade


simple sound playing, simple loops

  • #Lines:47
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:4
  • #Scripts:9

Text Snippets

  • Dont press button 4
  • hello, i am mr. bean, but..... i got stuck in a turtle shell.
  • .....dont press the button!!!
  • if you touch it you will get trouble!
  • thanks for playing
  • you will never leave!!!!!!
  • mr.beans cat got upset!
  • the cat said to me .....
  • you are a murderer.
  • miau, miau, miau, miau, miau, miau!
  • never touch cats food.
  • well, well i didn’t know.....
  • mr. beans cat got angry!
  • do not touch cats food!!!
  • but i need to say something to mr. bean!!!


  • background scene - Mr bean
    background scene - Mr bean
  • background scene - image
    background scene - image
  • Button - drawing
    Button - drawing
  • Button - drawing2
    Button - drawing2
  • Cat - image1
    Cat - image1
  • lol - drawing
    lol - drawing