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Dimensions Clicker

by Shocking Pedal

originally from "Dimensions Clicker" by TheͥMaͣgͫe



Dimensions Clicker, a project made by Shocking Pedal using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


visibility, simple variables, simple messaging, simple events, variables, input/output, simple conditionals, expert math, advanced costume handling, basic math, simple costume handling, delays, simple loops, layers, basic physics, resize actor, text handling

  • #Lines:1240
  • #Actors:80
  • #Costumes:93
  • #Scripts:328

Text Snippets

  • Dimensions Clicker
  • holiday events over! hope all you guys had a great holiday! enter code holidayeventsplease! for events. thanks for over 500 likes everyone! sorry for not releasing event, i am currently working in another project. enter code: “hint” for a hint on the new project. like if you like the new picture.
  • graveyard overhead
  • desert landscape
  • sc:pr:orange ball
  • alien headquarters: mars
  • Green Button Off
  • purple button on
  • Purple Button Off
  • Purple Button On
  • haunted palace: planet x.
  • treasure chest 11
  • Treasure Chest 1
  • clam with pearl1
  • the reverse universe
  • what is your name
  • creditstodiamondhunt
  • i<3diamondhunttoo!
  • newworldcomingis...mountolympus
  • happy thanksgiving!
  • holidayeventsplease!
  • creditstodiamondhunt!
  • treasure chest 1
  • activate portal:
  • merry christmas!
  • Stone Platform 2

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