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Diary of a Colonial Girl

by Mundane Game



Diary of a Colonial Girl, a project made by Mundane Game using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Educational, History, Storytelling



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Text Snippets

  • Diary of a Colonial Girl
  • september 19th, 1514
  • i am living in the georgia colony with my mum and dad.
  • we are in a small town with small stores.
  • the stores are called general stores and they offer food.
  • i do miss england but i hope i can return there.
  • when i grow up i want to move back to england and be a seamstress.
  • that would make it possible for me to meet everyone.
  • maybe even the queen!
  • now that i think about it she probably has a royal seamstress.
  • that's it! i could become the royal seamstress!
  • right now i am just a child going to a schoolhouse.
  • mum is a seamstress herself and dad is a hunter.
  • he supplies the general store with meat.
  • i have a best friend, lisa, who's mum is a baker.
  • sometimes, when she comes to my house, she brings cookies!
  • "mum always say, 'never go to someone's house empty handed.'" she always says.
  • i do not care if i get something. she is my best friend.
  • i just wish i could be back in britain sometimes.
  • over there things actually were easy.
  • but my parents said a new life would be better.
  • well i liked my old life and i want it back!

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