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derp adventure

by Ready Tiger



derp adventure, a project made by Ready Tiger using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Funny, Storytelling, Art, Cool / Wow, Adventure, Animation, Social, My News, Virtual Friend, Role Playing


delays, basic math, simple loops, miscellaneous, simple variables, simple conditionals, variables, conditional loops, expert math, functions, advanced math

  • #Lines:745
  • #Actors:25
  • #Costumes:53
  • #Scripts:125

Text Snippets

  • are you gonna follow?
  • fake dealth options1
  • fake dealth options
  • use the derp gun
  • get eatten and try to survive
  • eat mellers to get energy
  • do you want to talk to baby monster?
  • bye monster babyggg
  • baby monster talk
  • no bbaby monster
  • aaaaaaaa hunt options
  • back ing time’
  • desert landscape
  • now you can only runnnnn!!
  • eat some mellers
  • sry i unpublished and republished, this is the actullal game and not copyed
  • plz leave a like
  • btw the hole is just part of his shirt
  • this is the third time im coding this game the other ones got deleted... well 3rd times the charm!!
  • im gonna keep adding updates so it will get harder there are ways not to die so dont say its impossible
  • but apparently not cause it will get rejected if i put him dieing
  • thx for 1000 likes!
  • please leave a like and yes, there will be a pt2
  • this is the acttual game it just got unpublished
  • move to the thanos head to attack
  • touch the black circle
  • lets get otta here
  • doya know how jnhuhuiji
  • do you know how to get out?
  • lets get out of here!
  • are you the monsters baby?
  • bye monster baby
  • wow! look at dat dinosaur! !!!
  • dat dino looks ugly!
  • shooting lighting
  • shooting lightning
  • im bigger than you
  • glowing in the dark
  • your gonna have a bad time
  • i have all 5 infinity stones
  • dont make moi snap me fingers
  • you may have betten me but not my boss
  • your... good but...
  • i scared him to death!
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • this is my logo from now on, so ya im sorry i cant put it on every one of my games
  • these are the updates! enjoy!
  • i brought you mellers!