project screenshot

derp adventure pt1 1

by Present Chimpanzee

originally from "derp adventure" by Ready Tiger



derp adventure pt1 1, a project made by Present Chimpanzee using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


simple messaging, visibility, delays, input/output, simple events, advanced costume handling, simple loops, simple motion, basic math, advanced motion, direction and turning, detect conditions, variables, advanced events, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, simple variables, resize actor, graphic effects, advanced math, advanced animation, simple costume handling, conditional loops

  • #Lines:473
  • #Actors:18
  • #Costumes:32
  • #Scripts:83

Text Snippets

  • derp adventure pt1 1
  • this is the third time im coding this game the other ones got deleted... well 3rd times the charm!!
  • get eatten and try to survive
  • move to the bad guys head to attack
  • touch the black circle
  • please leave a like and yes, there will be a pt2
  • lets get otta here
  • fake dealth options1
  • fake dealth options
  • are you gonna follow?
  • plz leave a like
  • shooting lighting
  • shooting lightning
  • im bigger than you
  • doya know how jnhuhuiji
  • do you know how to get out?
  • lets get out of here!
  • glowing in the dark
  • are you the monsters baby?
  • your gonna have a bad time
  • hehehehehehehehe
  • your gonna have a bad time...
  • you may have betten me but not my boss
  • your... good but...
  • i scared him to death!
  • i brought you mellers!