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Dating Sim

by Grotesque Penguin

originally from "Talking Yuri" by Tattered Cut



Dating Sim, a project made by Grotesque Penguin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, advanced costume handling, simple conditionals, basic math, delays, visibility, simple messaging, simple events, program control

  • #Lines:126
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:9
  • #Scripts:1

Text Snippets

  • the program's over, mate.
  • what is your name?
  • cool. my name is yuri.
  • do you like anime?
  • aww, why are you playing this game?
  • am i bothering you?
  • no, of course not!
  • uh... a little...
  • wha--! sorry...! you don't have to be so blunt, though...
  • my friends and i went to the mall yesterday...
  • we were in there for hours. you must know how it feels to be in the mall for hours on end.
  • we didn't even buy anything! we spent too much time there, honestly.
  • ah, such boring lives we lead... heh~
  • do you go to the mall often?
  • how often to you play tynker?
  • do you want to go... on a d-date?
  • here we are! on our date.
  • oh! t-thank you!
  • oh! umm.... thanks! (?)
  • this person is kinda idiotic. i have 17 anime posters at home...
  • what is your favorite food?
  • nice. mine is sushi.
  • wow. you're pretty good at dating!
  • heh... i guess so!
  • a gift card to saké sushi! thanks!
  • wha- i barely know you!
  • what is your favorite thing to do?
  • what is your favorite place to be?
  • hope that was good enough for you!