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Dab clicker(Suprize Update) 1

by Ahead Sequin



Dab clicker(Suprize Update) 1, a project made by Ahead Sequin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Clicker, Art, Social, My News


simple events, visibility, simple messaging, simple loops, variables, text handling, input/output, layers, delays, direction and turning, simple motion, simple variables, advanced costume handling, expert math, simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, advanced math, cloning, simple costume handling, advanced motion

  • #Lines:529
  • #Actors:42
  • #Costumes:53
  • #Scripts:139

Text Snippets

  • Dab clicker(Suprize Update) 1
  • warning:new updates everyday(includes bug fixes,new character and propably a supermarket where you can buy stuff to increase your score by bit by bbit per second)!
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • noob tractor $500
  • rainbow tractor
  • noob barn $1,000
  • noob duck pond $1,500
  • noob trees $2,000
  • would you like free premium
  • congratulations you have now got premium!
  • try agian later!
  • change backroud to map
  • change backroud to galaxy
  • change backroud to chalkboard
  • change backroud to grass
  • tractor store $15,000
  • tractor store show
  • dab slime $5,000
  • which tractor would you like to buy?
  • red tractor $800
  • rainbow tractor $1,500
  • bobcat tractor $3,000
  • fire in the hole
  • would you like to launch your fireworks?
  • your refund has been given

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