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Dab Clicker Not copied hacked click blue dab 1 1 1 1 1

by Portly Blueberry

remixed from "Dab Clicker Not copied hacked click blue dab 1 1 1 1" by Content Tuba

originally from "Dab Clicker" by Pumped Llama



Dab Clicker Not copied hacked click blue dab 1 1 1 1 1, a project made by Portly Blueberry using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple variables, variables, delays, expert math, simple conditionals, basic math, simple loops, miscellaneous, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:1266
  • #Actors:64
  • #Costumes:102
  • #Scripts:181

Text Snippets

  • Dab Clicker Not copied hacked click blue dab 1 1 1 1 1
  • octopus does octoneotriple dab.
  • grandma does best fire dab ever.
  • "i have skills."- grandma
  • breaking news: aliens dab too.
  • new national holiday, dab day, is introduced.
  • new dab cult is introduced.
  • "the dab should be worshipped as master"- dab cult member
  • alien introduces the "double spinning dab".
  • evil youtuber dantdm starts evil group called dab police to destroy the dab.
  • "the dab isn't fun anymore. it must be destroyed."- evil dab police chief dantdm
  • president dabs in speech.
  • scientist confirms that the dab is awesome.
  • did the illuminati create the dab? ancient murals say yes.
  • new painting, "the glory of the dab", is created and priced at 2.1 million.
  • "the theology of the dab" is written by dou bowl dab
  • the dab cures cancer aswell makes cancer.
  • how was the dab created? no one knows.
  • professional dabbers advise you to play tam’s tynker projects.
  • ted houston wins the national dabbing championships.
  • did dabbing have something to do with atlantis?
  • nintendo says dabbing is e for everyone.
  • better than nintendo!!!
  • did aliens help the ejipjans with dabbing?
  • i can make the dabtron3000!
  • i can make the dabtron5000!
  • i can make the dabtron6000!
  • i can make the dabtron9000!
  • the dab cures ebola.
  • xbox says that dabbing is m for mature.
  • tam cauthren says “i created the dab” 1.6 million people say “yes”.
  • hello dabs gfhgjfgfjgfjjgfjgdjdtdtjhdthdttdh🙂😃😗🙃😜🙃😘😗😗😗🤣😗🤣😜😔😂😘😔y
  • the brand new show called world champion dabber
  • the show is about people from anywhere showing off there mad skills of dabbing
  • the show is on flix and hula
  • if golden dab does not work im still fixing it then.
  • i am still adding more so stay tuned.
  • play station says that dabbing is l for losers.
  • still having fun im making more stuff right now while your playing me gaem.
  • dont click the broken dab and the error it will break the game!!!
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  • drawing copy copy
  • dab factory price
  • dab factory coins
  • double dab price
  • double dab stock
  • dab skyscraper price
  • dab skyscraper coins
  • dab time machine price
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  • pro dabber price
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  • dab god temple coins
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  • golden dabber buy
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  • golden dabber buy copy
  • Golden Dabber Buy
  • Golden Dabber Buy Copy
  • triple dab coins
  • triple dab price
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  • ultimate dab coins
  • ultimate dab price
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  • drawing191111121
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