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D-Day, a project made by Uptight Ice using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


History, Educational


input/output, advanced costume handling, functions, delays, simple events, simple messaging, simple drawing, simple sound playing

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Text Snippets

  • dwight d eisenhower
  • hello i am dwight d eisenhower.
  • some of your grandparents might remember me as a president but before i was president i was a general during ww2
  • and today i am here to talk about d-day.
  • how many of you know what d-day is?
  • if you do that’s great! and if you don’t then your going to learn about d-day
  • for all you who don’t know what d-day is it was when the allies (the allies were the canadians the americans the british and the french resistance) invaded the normandy beaches in france after they did that they could destroy the atlantic wall. this is the atlantic wall.
  • some of you are probably wondering why destroying the atlantic wall would be important well it was important because then they could get into and then liberate france (liberate means to free from a situation)
  • not so fun fact 209 thousand alied troops died during d-day
  • these are some of the thousands of wounded soldiers from d-day.
  • breaking through the atlantic wall was so hard because it was heavily fortified with tons and tons of guns one of those guns included the 300 mm or 15 inch in diameter todt gun which is ginormus but the school won’t let me show it.
  • each beach had a codename there was omaha sword juno gold utah and point du hoc.
  • the americans took utah and omaha, the french resistance and the british took sword, the british took gold and the canadians took juno.
  • i hope you enjoyed this presentation bye!


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