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Cuerel, a project made by Experienced Garage using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Informative, Game, Trivia, Educational, Quiz, Photo, Art, Animals


delays, simple messaging, visibility, advanced animation, advanced costume handling, resize actor, simple sound playing, simple events, input/output, simple loops, music and instruments, miscellaneous, basic math, simple costume handling, simple conditionals, advanced motion, Positioning, direction and turning, advanced messaging, program control, level design

  • #Lines:594
  • #Actors:29
  • #Costumes:63
  • #Scripts:97

Text Snippets

  • desert landscape
  • Adventure Theme1
  • front emote laugh
  • hi my name is ranger rod
  • i am here today to talk to you about endangered animals and i need your help.
  • please help me collect the magical tokens by answering all of the questions correctly. if you get them all correct there will be a surprise for you at the end.
  • will you help ranger rod save the day?
  • ok here we go. let’s see how smart you are.
  • front talk short
  • are pandas vegitarians or omnivores?
  • well done! pandas eat both bamboo and small rodents as part of a well balanced diet.
  • trophy not good 1
  • a vegetarian means they only eat plants. pandas eat bamboo, small rodents and pikas to suppliment their diet.
  • trophy not good 2
  • trophy not good 3
  • grass platform 2
  • Grass Platform 2
  • i wonder if your parents knew that pandas are omnivores.
  • say hi to the hawksbill turtle - they are an endangered species that live off the coast of australia.
  • which human factor contributes to their population decline?
  • well done! this turtle is hunted for its meat and beautiful shell. the hawksbill turtle has amazing patterns on their shells which make them valuable on the tourist market.
  • well done! all though the harvesting of eggs is banned, the police could not stop the practice completely.
  • hi my name is dr sandy desert. ranger rod decided to stay with the turtles and help protect them from the bad guys.
  • can you help me find the third magical token? i’ve heard you are pretty smart.
  • bilbies are an endangered native australian mammal. what is their main threat?
  • red foxes and feral cats
  • livestock and land clearing
  • well done! the introduced red fox and feral cats are the major threat to the bilby. they are also targeted by wedge-tailed eagles, carpet pythons and monitor lizards.
  • not quite. land clearing is a massive issue for the bilby and has lead to habitat destruction, however red foxes and feral cats kill too many bilbies each year and are helping make this poor creature endangered.
  • we hope you learnt something. congratulations!
  • congratulations you did it!
  • we have decided to give you a special show as your reward. thanks for playing.