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creative 235445

by Hapless Week

originally from "What Tynker Needs" by Bitter Bridge



creative 235445, a project made by Hapless Week using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



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Text Snippets

  • this is made by fuschiaw1.
  • do not copy or modify.
  • there are some people who wants tynker to be better.
  • first, let’s talk about the projects for the community.
  • i wish that we could search up projects.
  • another thing that i could add to that is if we could see who had liked our projects and could let people comment on their projects.
  • i also want people to be a curator of something and have other tynkerers to follow you.
  • the second thing i want to talk about is the things in the project.
  • i wish we could record things to put in our project, not just to add random sounds that are used all the time.
  • it’s getting very boring.
  • the next thing i want to talk about is when we are drawing something for our projects.
  • sometimes whenever i use the undo button, it doesn’t work.
  • it works at first but then it just stops working.
  • i really wish they could fix that.
  • the last thing i want to talk about is the mini games.
  • right now, there are a lot of games that cost money.
  • and there are only two games that doesn’t cost money.
  • this just seems crazy to me.
  • the people who created tynker needs to have half of the games with prices and half that doesn’t require payment.
  • this is the end of this project.
  • i hope that tynker will get updated very soon.
  • remember to leave a like and don’t copy!

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