Code-A-Thon Week 5 - Create A Quiz Game 1

by Oval Muffin

originally from "Code-A-Thon Week 5 - Create A Quiz Game" by Nervous Queen



Code-A-Thon Week 5 - Create A Quiz Game 1, a project made by Oval Muffin using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Trivia


input/output, advanced animation, miscellaneous, variables, simple conditionals, basic math, text handling, simple variables

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Text Snippets

  • welcome to my dragon quiz!
  • see if you can get all of the questions right!
  • what is the first thing you should do when you see a dragon?
  • set up some traps
  • that's not the best thing to do.
  • if you set up traps, the dragon would end up breaking free and getting angry. it is better with a dragon on your good side.
  • what is the best thing to give a dragon?
  • that's right! all dragons love fish!
  • oops, that's incorrect.
  • all dragons love fish! but only one likes eel. the other dragons are scared of eel bocause it makes them ill.
  • what to gronkles eat that no other dragon does?
  • gronkles also make gronkle iron with the right types of rocks!
  • congrats if you got all the questions right! maybe you will in quiz #2. i hope you enjoyed!


  • background scene - Grassy Field
    background scene - Grassy Field
  • Happy Dragon - Happy Dragon
    Happy Dragon - Happy Dragon