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code-a-thon:6 get a cockateil

by Lovebird



code-a-thon:6 get a cockateil, a project made by Lovebird using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Taking Care Of, Art, Animation


visibility, simple messaging, simple events, input/output, delays, music and instruments, advanced costume handling, layers, simple motion, simple loops, basic math, simple conditionals, advanced motion

  • #Lines:276
  • #Actors:21
  • #Costumes:26
  • #Scripts:70

Text Snippets

  • code-a-thon:6 get a cockateil
  • i have made a lot of games, incuding ones you might know like...
  • and thanks for these
  • don't tap the poison.
  • tap the food bowl
  • tap the bird water
  • tap the bird perch
  • tap the bird cage
  • show+hide=almost end
  • your at the pet store getting a cockatiel
  • you find the right bird
  • press the "call worker" button.
  • chirp! what is... chirp! my name?... chirp!
  • chirp! awesome... chirp! i love
  • chirp! so awesome
  • what trick do you want to teach me?
  • chirp! what do you want me to repete? chirp!
  • do you want this bird? yes? ok then. tap the lock.

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