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CO SCReAM LOL, a project made by Subdued Pajamas using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, delays, simple events, visibility, basic math, simple conditionals, functions, direction and turning, advanced costume handling, variables, program control, expert physics, simple variables, advanced animation, simple motion, conditional loops, simple sound playing, resize actor, simple loops, music and instruments, advanced loops, advanced motion

  • #Lines:500
  • #Actors:18
  • #Costumes:18
  • #Scripts:55

Text Snippets

  • on february the 19th, 1473, a famous person, especially in the world of science was born.
  • he was also known as mikotaj kopernik.
  • a few generations ago, nicolaus copernicus's family moved to torun. they were one of the most influential and wealthy families in torun.
  • university of krakow
  • from 1491 until 1494, nicolaus copernicus studied at the university of krakow. he studied liberal arts including astronomy and astrology.
  • he also studied at the university of bologna, located in italy, in 1496, which is where his uncle got a decorate in canon law around the time nicolaus was born.
  • bottom message box
  • inside university of bologna
  • function message
  • one day with one of nolara's books...
  • copernicus analysing
  • he called it the heliocentric system.
  • it used to be the ptolemanic system.
  • this was when the earth was placed at the center of the solar system with everything else revolving around it.
  • he didn't actually have the technology to prove his hypothesis. it was only until the early 1600s when galileo galilei discovered jupiter and it's moons which helped nicolaus prove his theory
  • he also discovered that earth rotated on an axis to the poles.
  • his laws would later give way to isacc newton and kepler's laws.
  • johannes kepler and isaac newton
  • both these pioneers were inspired by copernicus to come up with their own discoveries and theories.
  • in return, both their theories helped prove nicolaus's theory.
  • inside family's house
  • front cover label
  • writing and decoration
  • as you may know, i am going to teach you all about the discovery of the copernican system
  • would you like to continue cause i just wanna get it on!
  • oh, i forgot to mention that there will be a quiz at the end so pay attentinon!
  • he is the most forgetful person in the world when it comes to ordering!? lol đź‘Ť
  • oh well... i don't know what the audience was doing!? so yeah
  • birth copernicus
  • wwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!
  • copernicus's dad
  • hey, i love that name. what do you think lucas?
  • besides that, i got to get on with the other merchants.
  • see you all in a couple of weeks!
  • copernicus's mum
  • oh, so cute. you little sweet baby!
  • i'm sad but at least we have nicolaus here to conpensate for that.
  • yea, i think that works
  • mum, what do you want to name him?
  • copernicus studying
  • invisible actor for background copernicus, kepler and isacc newton
  • i wonder what the information in here will tell?
  • i think earth rotates around some kind of axis.
  • this is johannes kepler. born on december the 27th, 1571 in the roman empire, he discovered the laws of planetary motion.
  • and this is isaac newton.
  • born on december the 26, 1642 in lincolnshire england, he discovered a lot of things including things that help prove nicolaus's theory.
  • Invisible drawing
  • do you like my new clothes?
  • that cost me one thousand dollars, and i can't replace it!
  • oh well, at least i'm rich!
  • now, time for the quiz.
  • where was nicolaus copernicus born?
  • the roman empire
  • none of the above
  • what subjects did nicolaus copernicus study?
  • astronomy and astrology
  • mathematics and astrology
  • in the ptolemanic system, what was placed at the center of the solar system?
  • which group of people helped prove copernicus's theory (all of them)?
  • galileo galilei and isaac newton
  • albert einstein and johannes kepler
  • what was nicolaus copernicus's father?
  • a well to do merchant
  • you got everything wrong!
  • i wonder what is wrong with you!?
  • you got one question correct
  • pay more attention next time.
  • you got two questions correct.
  • maybe try an easier one.
  • you got three questions correct.
  • are you happy with that?
  • if that's the case, maybe try an easier one.
  • you got four questions correct
  • you got all five questions correct!
  • heliocentric model
  • you have mastered the discovery of the copernican system!

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