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Christmas!, a project made by Giddy Mint using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Informative, Educational, History, Photo, Storytelling


visibility, delays, simple messaging, input/output, simple events, simple sound playing, advanced motion, simple motion, advanced costume handling, advanced events, detect conditions, simple loops, simple costume handling

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  • castle landscape
  • hello! i am going to tell yal bout christmas!
  • christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of
  • one interpretation of christmas is that on christmas we put up an
  • which is a sign of everlasting life with
  • was born, he was promised an everlasting life with god!
  • an example from the event is shown in the bible from mathew 2:1-11, a bit in this says “after jesus was born in bethlehem in judea, during the time of king herod, magi from the east came to jerusalem and asked,
  • now that we’ve talked about how christmas came about, lets talk about how it is celebrated in the modern world!
  • catholics celebrate christmas in many ways! some celebrate the birth of christ by going to mass, others putting up christmas trees, some mabye decorating it with decorations or in some cases... spiderwebs (ukraine/germany).
  • unfortunately, since christmas hadn’t started being celebrated untill 336 during the time of the roman emperor constantine, therefore there is nothing in the bible about christmas. now lets talk about the symbols and colours of christmas!
  • there are many different colours and symbols for christmas and they each represent something different.
  • the first colour is green which represents the evergreen plants.
  • the second colour is red which represents the apples on the tree of paradise.
  • the third colour is gold which represents the sun and light.
  • the fourth colour is white which represents purity, peace and snow.
  • the fifth colour is blue which represents mary, mother of jesus
  • “where is the one who has been born king of the jews? we saw his star when it rose and have come to worship him.””
  • i will also list one of the symbols of christmas and that is the angel.
  • angels appeared to mary and joseph and told them that she was concieved with a baby, a.k.a. jesus! now we’ll talk about why this season is so significant to catholic faith!
  • there are many ways that christmas is a significant day for the catholic faith.
  • christmas is a way for christian communities to come together and be thankful for what our loving god has given us and it also is a way to show our gratitude for the birth of jesus christ and each other!
  • sadly, there is nothing in the bible to support this but when you go to church on christmas, dont you say merry christmas? saying merry chistmas is offering each other peace and wishing them a happy christmas, ultimately showing your grateful for their company! that is how christmas brings us closer and why it is so important to the catholic faith.
  • this leads me to my final text and that is, what is the underlying message for catholics for this season?
  • many people could interpret ‘what is the underlying message for catholics for this season’ in many different ways, the way i have chosen to see it is, ‘this is the day jesus was born, be grateful for it and celebrate it! (this is also the day you get free stuff!)
  • i chose to see it in this way so that i’m not just happy on this day that i get free stuff but so i can see it as the day that our saviour was born, the day that god sent down his only son! in the bible it states that jesus is the son of god who gave mary the holy spirit so that she could have this child.
  • yay! now you know things about christmas! the end!
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