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Choices 3, the real one

by MismatchedSocks



Choices 3, the real one, a project made by MismatchedSocks using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Role Playing


simple messaging, visibility, simple events, delays, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, input/output, direction and turning, simple conditionals, basic math, layers, simple loops, simple costume handling

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Text Snippets

  • Choices 3, the real one
  • your car can't drive another mile. you have a math competition starting in three hours. it takes two hours to get there.
  • do you want to go to the mechanic for an appointment that usually takes two hours or try to drive the long journey without getting an appointment.
  • arrange an appointment
  • drive to the competition
  • you arrange an appointment but it takes two hours to arrange the appointment. out goes the competition and your dreams too
  • you speed off but your car breaks down. you get out of the car and you discover you have super powers.
  • you make it to your competition on time. the mechanic sees your broken car on the road and fixes it for you.
  • you have always wanted another friend in the neighborhood. you see four shadows moving into their house.
  • do you want to talk to the shadows or go inside of your house.
  • you walk over to them just as they remove their costumes. you realize you made the wrong choice, but it is too late. you are never seen again.
  • you look outside and realize it is a pack of wolves. you call all the football players you know and the wolves are never seen again
  • adventure underwater
  • you are at the beach. you are swimming in the water when you see what you think is a shark fin.
  • do you want to scream "shark!" and run or swim toward it?
  • you race for the shore and see the shark leap out of the water.
  • you know you made the right choice.
  • you swim toward it thinking it is a floatie. the shark gobbles you up.
  • you have always wanted to be skinny. your archrival mackenna is selling donuts that make you skinny.
  • do you go get a donut or not?
  • you are sure mackenna is out to get you. on your way home a fairy comes and offers you a wish.
  • you wish to be skinny. you made the right choice.
  • you go get a donut. they are filled with poison. you do not last.
  • cartoon kids 09 copy
  • running wolf copy
  • brown shark copy

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