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Chatting with me, Julianna part1

by Silky Practice



Chatting with me, Julianna part1, a project made by Silky Practice using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Social, Virtual Friend, Animation, Game


input/output, advanced costume handling, delays, simple messaging, basic math, simple conditionals, visibility, miscellaneous, simple events, simple sound playing

  • #Lines:230
  • #Actors:4
  • #Costumes:27
  • #Scripts:9

Text Snippets

  • Chatting with me, Julianna part1
  • whats your name?
  • what is your name
  • do you like my jacket
  • you look nice too!
  • let's make cookies
  • no i wont buy your purple lemon jugs!!!!
  • sorry. they've called 6 times today
  • let's go make those cookies!
  • what kind of cookies would you like?
  • white chocolate macidamia
  • okay, i put the batter in the oven.
  • now i get to talk to you and get to know you
  • fruit or vegtables
  • vanilla or chocolate
  • cake or icecream
  • candy or chocolate
  • wow! we are so alike!
  • that was really fast for cookies
  • wouuld you like a cookie?
  • here is one anyway
  • well, im getting tired.
  • im gonna take a nap
  • woah! is this dreamland?
  • hello mysterious unicorn
  • oh. well im julianna
  • whats in my pocket???
  • the bean from my dream!!
  • uh... wow i dont feel....uh... good....
  • magic bean!!! he-......hel-... help!!
  • would you like to go outside
  • :( okay, for you
  • oh nevermind i cant leave the house my parents arent here:(
  • my parents should be here by now
  • help me with my homework?
  • did i leave my homework at school?
  • no im gonna get in so much trouble!
  • im gonna get some pajamas on. its almost 9:55.
  • what grade are you in
  • do you have friends
  • okay dont tell anyone but i can change into fruits!
  • here ill prove it
  • ask me a fruit but remember to include a capital letter at the beggining!
  • im delicious but dont eat me
  • hey i could get used to this -3-
  • goodnees grapscious im so small
  • sorry my brain cant do that yet
  • well anyway i gotta go. i wish i could stay. but there will be a part two! so ill see you soon.
  • hope you enjoyed!
  • haha! my name is magic
  • i am giving you this magic bean.
  • use it when you need it most!

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Chatting with me, Julianna part1
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Chatting with me, Julianna part1 1
Chatting with me, Julianna part1 1
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Chatting with me, Julianna part1 1