Chat With Harry

by Muddled Hippo



Chat With Harry, a project made by Muddled Hippo using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


input/output, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous

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Text Snippets

  • chat with harry!
  • my name is harry.
  • what is your name?
  • nice to meet you,
  • how are you today?
  • well, i hope your day gets better soon.
  • at least it's not too bad.
  • oh. well, moving on....
  • what is your favourite food?
  • what about your favourite drink?
  • do you like being with your friends?
  • well, i'll be your friend instead!
  • do you like being with your family?
  • what is your favourite colour?
  • my favourite colour is blue.
  • what is your least favourite colour?
  • i disagree! but anyway....
  • i don't really like
  • i'm sorry, but i have to go now!
  • i liked talking to you. did you?
  • yay! see you next time!


  • background scene - Quack pond
    background scene - Quack pond

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