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Chat with Darian! 1

by Defiant Hour

originally from "Chat with Darian!" by Equatorial Snake



Chat with Darian! 1, a project made by Defiant Hour using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


simple conditionals, basic math, delays

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Text Snippets

  • Chat with Darian! 1
  • darian is sitting in the middle, you are on one side of her and her other bff is on the other side... time is nearly up 😔
  • lets go in, sweaty
  • hi there, what is your name?
  • hello! i am darian, nice to meet you,
  • . where did you come from?
  • you came from all they way over there? wow! you must be incredibly fit!
  • what are your hobbies?
  • cool! i enjoy doing all that too, but my two most favourite hobbies absolutely have to be playing with my cats and reading!
  • i'm always excited when i meet anyone new! oh dear, i just remembered, my mum has told me a lot of times to not talk to strangers! should i be talking to you?
  • yes, i agree. you look very friendly and harmless!
  • oh, come on. you seem like that exciting sort of person. harmless. i really want to talk to you!
  • you seem very nice, so i see no harm in talking to you!
  • oh, my parents are calling me. do you want to stay outside or go in?
  • yes, i love the great outdoors! mum, dad, i want to stay outside, is that okay? yes! we can stay outside for a few more minutes!
  • what is your favourite outdoor game?
  • i also love to play
  • ! my favourite, favourite, favourite outdoor game has to be guardians of ice. do you know how to play that?
  • you probably don't since i created the game myself. well, here is how it works: you need at least 4 players. 1 person has to be frozen.
  • another will be guarding that person. the other two will be trying to save that person. there always has to be either an equal amount of guards and saviours or more saviours than guards
  • . never more guards than saviours. anyway, the saviours- are you getting bored? sorry, i just love that game. oh dear, how quickly time passes! we must go in! i'm sorry for wasting all your outdoor time!
  • okay. i'm quite tired, i was coming back from playing netball with my friends. i feel like washing my face when i get in.
  • this is my room.
  • well, it's your opinion!
  • oh, how rude of me! what do you want to eat?
  • wait, i will get some for you
  • for you! enjoy!
  • now, what do you want to drink?
  • alright, i will get some for you...
  • sorry, we don't have that drink. however, we do have a super healthy multi-vitamin drink. would you like some of that?
  • wait a few seconds, please
  • here is your drink! it might not look like it is tasty, but it is filled with lots of berries and mangoes and lots of other tasty fruits. and, it is home-made! enjoy!
  • okay then... you don't know what you are missing out on...
  • so... let's talk about... school! do you like school?
  • i am home-schooled
  • me too! i love school!
  • how many friends do you have in school?
  • i also have that many friends! there are 25 students in my class and i am friends with all of them! now, i have 25 friends including you!
  • that is great! you must be very popular!
  • you have less friends than me... don't worry! now i am your friend too!
  • i absolutely love school! i love learning with all my friends!
  • why don't you like school?
  • well... i guess that is a good reason. but i still like school!
  • that is so cool! i have always wondered what it would be like to be home-schooled!
  • do you want to see my brothers room?
  • i have to go ask something from him, anyway. come with me!
  • joshi, can i get my art book? it is in your room.
  • sorry about that. he isn't usually like that, he has started getting these grumpy tantrums ever since he lost the spelling bee. he knew how to spell onomatopoeia but there was another girl
  • in his class who got injured and had to use crutches. the judges felt sad for her and gave her all the easy words and the award.
  • let's go back to my room...
  • aah, it is nearly time for you to go. why don't we spend our last few minutes together today outside enjoying the beautiful sunset?
  • bye, it is time for you to go. please come back tomorrow! i really enjoyed today!
  • will you come tomorrow?
  • i have to go in the house, really quick, bye! see you tomorrow! please come! bye, bye, bye...
  • go away, sis! get it tomorrow! it isn't like you will have bad luck forever or detention if you get your art book tomorrow!


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