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Chat at the party!

by Fabapine



Chat at the party!, a project made by Fabapine using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




input/output, simple events, simple sound playing, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • Chat at the party!
  • do not click on multiple people at once or it will crash the game! ;(
  • also, do not click on the characters during your chat. they will automatically move on to say something else. so, stop clicking on them pls
  • hello! its ya boi here with another game!
  • keep reading to see the story!:
  • ace made a party to hang out with friends! she invited gabriela,sam,daniel, and then she baked a cake with no instructions whatsoever. (why ace?!)
  • sam (for a reason you could find out by talking to him,) immideatley answered and said he would be there.
  • which then lead to daniel being there with his best bud, and gabriela declined. (obviously if you knew her.)
  • but ace, (being the optimistice bubble brain) practically dragged gabriela to the party. gabriela then became moody....again.
  • but you....yes you... were invited......
  • ......and dragged here too.
  • now you are here, with two people you knever new....
  • ....and are obligated to chat. hooray!!!!
  • ok now....have fuuuuuuunnn
  • welcome to the party player! :3
  • i think i know you..
  • guess my name! :3
  • well...let me tell you that my name is....
  • was it hard to guess?
  • yes! very hard..
  • if you need to tell me anything, just tell me! i am in charge of this party, actually!
  • i do need to say something...
  • eh..i guess i could talk with you.
  • what would you like to tell me?
  • i like you ace...
  • sam likes you ace...
  • thank you for being honest!
  • well...go and talk to more people! :3
  • uh...i am a girl...
  • i like this party.
  • you also like being cool.
  • well...i also like... ace.
  • can you do me a solid?bro to bro?
  • uh..sure..but i am still a girl.
  • i need you to tell ace that i like her for me.
  • uh...i’ll think about it.
  • not eat the cake.
  • you see the tasty cake! it looks yummy.
  • you decide to take a piece.
  • eat or save the piece?
  • if you decide to eat, click on the blue dot.
  • if you decide to save, click the red dot.
  • you decide to eat the cake!
  • it taste like dirt with sweat
  • (but it did taste bad tho)
  • you saved the slice.
  • oh no! looks like it was sticky. it is now stuck to your pocket.
  • what do you want?
  • i just wanna chat pls
  • you’re the player that ace is always blabbing about.
  • i wonder if she means those things when she says them.
  • it gets very annoying.
  • does she say nice things?
  • does she talk bad about me?
  • pfft...she says things like, “player is very good at chatting! they are also very understanding!”
  • and there would be more than 9,000 gallons of compliments.
  • well, at least she is complimenting me,
  • well, i am glad she likes me! :3
  • ok. like i care...
  • lets just end this chat.
  • i was in the middle of planning an escape from this place.
  • my name’s daniel! but my friends call me sport.
  • erhm..i don’t got anythin’ to say....
  • so what did you wanna tell me?
  • you have a cute accent!
  • you seem like a good friend!
  • why, thank you lad!
  • anyway, if you wanna have a good chat, talk to ace mate!
  • well....seeya later!
  • bye bye cute guy!