Calvos, The Sick Snake....

by Elementary Tricycle



Calvos, The Sick Snake...., a project made by Elementary Tricycle using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Taking Care Of, Art, Social, Virtual Friend, Game


input/output, advanced costume handling, basic math, simple conditionals, visibility, simple events, delays

  • #Lines:66
  • #Actors:1
  • #Costumes:6
  • #Scripts:2

Text Snippets

  • Calvos, The Sick Snake....
  • you are a vet with the cure for sickness...
  • hi, my name is-
  • whoops, sorry.... my name is calvos
  • im a sick snake.... unlike other beautiful snakes....
  • sorry for the introduction, but what is your name?
  • oops...what a nice name you have....
  • doctors say that they there is a cure for this.
  • i dont know where it is...
  • silly, i have it!
  • ugh, your so blind i have the antidote
  • really?! wow im going to be cured!!!
  • oh, sorry......i didnt mean
  • tap on me to give me the antidote :3
  • i dont feel anything.... but my head doesnt ache anymore!
  • thank you so much for helping me!
  • i need to test if my eyes work better....
  • will you laugh at me if i open my eyes?
  • no, it'll be fine
  • yeah, your eyes problably dont look cool anyway.
  • it goes!
  • sorry...they're pink.....
  • its dumb anyway......
  • no, it looks cool
  • it kinda does... no offense
  • well, whatever...but i have to go back to my real cage...
  • i hope you find me there....i'll be happy to see you.....
  • i wish i could stay longer....goodbye
  • oh...ok...i didnt know you were angry....sorry...
  • im just going to go now.....bye.....


  • background scene - drawing
    background scene - drawing
  • actor - drawing
    actor - drawing
  • actor - sneeze
    actor - sneeze
  • actor - happy
    actor - happy
  • actor - eyes open
    actor - eyes open
  • actor - Sad
    actor - Sad
  • actor - anti
    actor - anti