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Art, Photo, Storytelling


input/output, simple events

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Text Snippets

  • hi! it's the uni girls! this is our 11th what's happening now! oft stands for our fave tynkerers by the way! and tus stands for the uni squad!
  • please don't copy! all copies will be reported!
  • dear miss advice, i'm the shortest in my class, and a few kids bully me about it! they also say that i will still be 4'8 when i grow up! my parents and grandparents are pretty tall, so i have no idea why i'm so short! and i'm already in 7th grade! -short forever?
  • dear short forever, don't despair! you probably just haven't reached your growth spurt yet! and being short does have it's perks, you have less of a chance of bumping your head on the ceiling! your friend, miss advice
  • hey miss advice, i'm a super popular girl and the head cheerleader! every single boy likes me and every girl wants to be my bestie! my life is so fabulous, but i have a deep, dark, secret. i love school! i love to learn and study! but i don't try to get any a's on my tests and homework because everyone thinks being smart isn't cool! and i'm super tired of keeping it a secret! help! -brainy cheerleader
  • dear brainy cheerleader, being smart doesn't mean you aren't cool. sounds like people look up to you. maybe if you show them that it isn't lame to be smart, it'll catch on! it's better to stand out then fit in! -miss advice
  • dear miss advice, i have a friend that's hot and cold. whenever i say something she doesn't like, she ignores me and pretends i don't exist for the rest of the week! i'm begining to think that i'm a bad friend! -bad bestie?
  • dear bad bestie, it seems like your "friend" is the bad bestie here. talk to your parents about it. and you don't have to be afraid to branch out! best of luck, miss advice


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