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BREAKING CAT NEWS, a project made by Kitty Games™️ using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


delays, simple loops, basic math

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Text Snippets

  • pssst elanor have you heard?
  • heh presedent ducki sent an allince request to the cats and said that we had a disese called peck-20
  • hope they accept
  • vid by waffles end
  • created by kitty games™️ not to be copied naooo
  • hello and welcome to breaking cat news. this is your host, eyeless-dex
  • (and yes i’m going to be kitty games™️’s first oc)
  • it seems like the human covid-19 has brought upon us a disese too, so
  • today i am announcing the sad arrival of a new disease.
  • moer sad news :’(
  • the doctors say that this disease can be harmful and may even cause death!
  • we advice all cats to stay inside with their humans until this settles down or if we find a cure.
  • just plain weird and crazy news
  • we have also heard of an allince from dogs, apperntly they have a disease too, flea-20
  • but... it could be our downfall to accept this, the dogs always have a nasty plan
  • -most of them involve chasing us-
  • so until we have proof that they will not turn on us the presedent evylen will not accept
  • we have even more news
  • less weird but still crazy news
  • apparently the birds have a disase too called peck-20 and they want an allince too
  • we will not belive your filthy lies
  • all you want is for us to stop chasing you
  • we are smart enough to know that you are lying
  • and yes we have proof
  • filmed by waffles the spying cat
  • we will never give into your lies
  • this is all thanks for watchig breaking cat news
  • drawing copy copy
  • if you see this logo then it was made by me, kitty games™️ if i see this logo in another project that was not made by me then i will report it

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