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Boringest Story

by Unwritten Paste



Boringest Story, a project made by Unwritten Paste using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Funny, Storytelling, Joke


input/output, delays, advanced costume handling, visibility, simple messaging, simple sound playing, simple events, advanced motion, direction and turning, simple loops, simple costume handling, layers

  • #Lines:66
  • #Actors:3
  • #Costumes:8
  • #Scripts:5

Text Snippets

  • and the parrot lived happily ever after. the end.
  • what do you give a sick bird?
  • no, you bird-brain! you give him some brussels sprouts! they are healthy, you know.
  • me neither, but it is what you give a sick bird.
  • here, see, you pretend to be the sick bird, and i'll give you some brussels sprouts!
  • haha, how do you like that?
  • it was... a sneeze...
  • cartoon scream long
  • b-but... i d-don't like brussels sprouts!
  • mutter... owls think they know everything... grr
  • tropical bird 5 copy
  • what... was that?
  • aww... are you sick?
  • i'm sorry about that! how would you like some brussels sprouts?