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Bomb Defusel Complete 1

by Negligible Escapade

originally from "Bomb Defusel Complete" by Unconscious Burrito



Bomb Defusel Complete 1, a project made by Negligible Escapade using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Puzzle


simple variables, basic math, miscellaneous, variables, simple conditionals, delays, advanced math, simple loops, expert math

  • #Lines:914
  • #Actors:44
  • #Costumes:56
  • #Scripts:143

Text Snippets

  • Bomb Defusel Complete 1
  • the code is 5x4x5
  • the code is 625-150+50
  • the code is 10 to the 3rd power ( 10x10x10 )
  • please do one at a time
  • your bomb version is
  • tip: do the wires first because it is the hardest
  • what was the color of your wire that you cut?
  • didn't do it yet
  • what is the bomb version?
  • drag each orb to the matching socket
  • be careful!! cut the right wire or it will explode
  • drag the virus out
  • drawing copy copy

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