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baconator III Ver 3.2

by Abrupt Potato



baconator III Ver 3.2, a project made by Abrupt Potato using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Clicker, Game, Cool / Wow, Food & Drink, Animation, Adventure, Word, Battle, App, Health, Music, Photo, Animals


visibility, simple messaging, simple variables, delays, simple events, basic math, variables, simple conditionals, advanced costume handling, simple loops, input/output, miscellaneous, layers, text handling, advanced math, resize actor, simple costume handling, direction and turning, simple sound playing, simple motion, music and instruments, advanced events, conditional loops, pen color, expert math

  • #Lines:2706
  • #Actors:113
  • #Costumes:181
  • #Scripts:490

Text Snippets

  • baconator III Ver 3.2
  • achievment : bacomlet : reach 30 bacon per click
  • generator summon
  • achievement: bacon is love bacon is life reward : more bacon per click
  • achievement 1 hello my friand
  • achievement : hello mah friand [got by: getting a auto bacon] prize bacon per click increased
  • achievment : macon bacon : reach 100 bacon per click
  • welcome back! this update adds bacon collusium and bacon scroll and the classic great wall of bacon next update, bacon god from , kinglikegames
  • bottom message box
  • adventure_thebestthingever
  • excalibur_summon
  • congrats you got the legendary excalibur nice job!
  • ._. i am speechless you beat the game! now you should try to get 20 trillion bacon if you do there is a special achievement ;)
  • ._. how did you beat baconator 3 so then guess what you get infinite bacon per click just dont play adventure mode or the game will break
  • achievment_game slayer
  • new achievment: game slayer| requirements : have 20t bacon! reward : 99999999999999999 bacon per click
  • baconator aka you
  • gold bacon costume
  • dark bacon costume
  • no producing bacon in here
  • shadow baconator
  • baconator New FIXED
  • exotic baconator
  • Shadow baconator
  • autobacon1 mold unlock
  • close bacon shop
  • autobacon2 mold unlock
  • nope nat enough moollla
  • autobacon3 mold unlock
  • u have recieved : nothing
  • don’t forget to use income plus
  • never stop buying from the shop(s) unless there is nothing from it/them
  • try baconator 1 by andrew
  • don’t use all your savings at once
  • pro tip: tap the bacon
  • try baconator 2 by piercyang
  • does anyone even read this??
  • bacon is love, bacon is life
  • dont forget to check adventure once in a while
  • never go to lvl 10 when not powerful
  • drawing copy copy
  • all your money was abducted
  • bacon king slime
  • bacon king slime copy
  • king bacon slime cost
  • nope not enough bacon for a bacon slime
  • you need more bacon per click
  • bacon shop open real
  • bacon shop close real
  • gold bacon skin
  • gold baconator costume mold cost
  • life is like a box of costumes but u never gonna get anythin with that amount of bacon
  • gold bacon skin1
  • quest 1 complete
  • you need to finish this quest
  • ninga bacon summon
  • gonna do ninga **nope-ing** (reference to kung fu panda)
  • bacon dimension cost
  • bacon dimension summon
  • a nope fills you with determination
  • bacon portal cos change
  • nerdiuss/ vault of bacon
  • what is a code that you know
  • correct | reward : 1000 bacon
  • how did you know my name? | reward: 10000 bacon
  • auto clik costfullness
  • bacon_costume_amount_all
  • guess what ? nope
  • invasion_version1_
  • pirates_bacon_invasions
  • closeadventure:(
  • bacondragon_summon
  • how to train your nopedragon
  • timemachine_cost
  • timemachine_summon
  • back to the nope-ture
  • baconexcalibur_cost
  • you tried to pull the excalibur out, it would’nt budge :( try to get more bacon
  • lv☠️10_start
  • drawing361111111
  • drawing3611111111
  • drawing36111111111
  • drawing361111111111
  • drawing381111111
  • drawing3811111111
  • drawing38111111111
  • drawing381111111111
  • are you sure you want to buy this it may cause unwanted effects
  • okay dont say i didnt warn ya.
  • what is your name
  • bacon scroll mold
  • nope [ i dont have a pun :( ]
  • collusium_summon
  • nope [sry cant find a pun :( ]