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bacon god clickeršŸ„“ 1 1 1 1

by Stupendous Garage

remixed from "bacon god clickeršŸ„“ 1 1 1" by Aberrant Conductor

originally from "BaconatoršŸ„“ 2.21" by Beautiful Bell



bacon god clickeršŸ„“ 1 1 1 1, a project made by Stupendous Garage using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game


variables, visibility, simple events, simple variables, simple messaging, input/output, delays, simple loops, basic math, simple conditionals, miscellaneous, resize actor, music and instruments, advanced events, advanced costume handling, simple costume handling, text handling, advanced motion, direction and turning, layers, functions, detect conditions

  • #Lines:753
  • #Actors:52
  • #Costumes:62
  • #Scripts:120

Text Snippets

  • bacon god clickeršŸ„“ 1 1 1 1
  • achievement: bacin some oil
  • achievement: macon bacin
  • achievement: starting bacon
  • achievement: galactical bacon
  • achievement: universal bacon
  • achievement: you can stop now!
  • achievement: how?
  • achievement: i canā€™t stop!
  • achievement: clicker!
  • achievement: da clicka
  • achievement: mini power
  • achievement: looooot
  • achievement: cute pigs
  • achievement: i cannot eet!
  • achievement: studies!
  • achievement: hidden from the world
  • achievement: wall of oil
  • achievement: world-famous bacon
  • meanwhile,try to get 19 trillion bacon! lol
  • if you get lots of bacon per click, its not a glitch. i was testing if everything worked. :)
  • next update: bacon people. coming soon!!!
  • you get rewards from achievements now!
  • you got the ultimate ultimate achievement!!! good job
  • upgrade your income to max
  • click me to get bacon!
  • summon mini bac2
  • summon mini bac3
  • u cant buy dis......
  • error! try again latte.
  • you dont have enough.
  • are you sure you want to buy this? it cause undesired effects...
  • we found a less poluted way to generate bacon!
  • you cannot buy this.....
  • summon mini bac4

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