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Away we go 1

by Distant Vocabulary

originally from "Away we go" by MismatchedSocks



Away we go 1, a project made by Distant Vocabulary using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


visibility, simple events, simple messaging, input/output, advanced costume handling, delays, advanced motion, advanced events, detect conditions, resize actor, miscellaneous, basic math, simple conditionals, simple motion, program control, simple costume handling, direction and turning, layers

  • #Lines:397
  • #Actors:29
  • #Costumes:40
  • #Scripts:122

Text Snippets

  • lily was lost in another world
  • lily looked around and saw her best hope of returning home would be to enter the castle.
  • collect all the apples
  • don't get the leaves.
  • you got all the apples!
  • can you find the way to the next quest?
  • uh oh try again.
  • you lose. try again.
  • yay. you chose correctly.
  • the next quest is can you tell which princess ate the honey? beware if you get it wrong you will turn to stone.
  • before you can continue, you must eat. you know one of the apples is poisoned. tap on the apple to eat it
  • poisoined apples
  • you begin to feel sick and queasy. you did not last.
  • you chose the right apple. good job.
  • which butterfly gives purple magic?
  • sorry,you turn to stone and never get back home.
  • you saw that the red and blue combined to make purple. good job.
  • you make it home. good job.
  • now here is a quest for you.
  • collect all the apples.
  • huh...where is the slide?
  • stone i copy copy
  • yay! you chose the right one. good job.
  • hello? is anybody here?
  • can you help me get back home?
  • Stone I copy copy
  • the only way away from here is...
  • to pass 3 challenging quests.
  • i can only take you to your first quest. from there you are on your own.
  • drawing copy copy
  • the only way to ride this slide is to answer this riddle. tap me to hear the riddle.
  • what can be as small as a pea, and as big as the world, but is not owned by the person who purchases it.
  • you may use the slide.