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Autumn: Your Virtual Friend

by Peppermint Productions



Autumn: Your Virtual Friend, a project made by Peppermint Productions using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Virtual Friend, Art, Animation, Game, Photo


basic math, miscellaneous, simple conditionals, simple variables, delays, variables, advanced math, conditional loops, string handling

  • #Lines:498
  • #Actors:9
  • #Costumes:18
  • #Scripts:25

Text Snippets

  • Autumn: Your Virtual Friend
  • once again, autumn is just really senstive.
  • i’m so sorry that happened to you.
  • autumn’s a very sensitive fox.
  • i can get her back.
  • if you copy this project your project will be reported
  • finished “harry potter”
  • autumn in full color
  • changed the animals thing for the llama so it’s like the others
  • what’s your name?
  • wh-what’s your n-n-name again?
  • o-o-oh, n-nevermind.. i re-remember...
  • s-somethin’ like
  • i think i’m better n-now.
  • i still cannot get over it.
  • i was wondering... do you like drawing?
  • would if i was good at it
  • i like to draw as well
  • drawing is not for everyone
  • don’t say that! i bet you are very good at drawing.
  • it’s been a wonderful time talking with you.
  • i hope i see you again soon.
  • goodbye! the game ends here lol.
  • you activated the secret!
  • take this gold star!
  • and take this congratulations from the creator!
  • you found the secret!
  • name buddies, aha~
  • i like that name.
  • it really fits you.
  • what’s your favorite color?
  • that is a beautiful color.
  • the color of an apple.
  • what a beautiful color.
  • the color of oranges.
  • the color of a carrot,
  • so very beautiful.
  • the color of dandelions.
  • the color of the sun (to our eyes, it’s really white).
  • how beautiful a color it is.
  • that is my favorite color as well!
  • it’s so nice that we have something in common!
  • oh.. that color is beautiful.
  • the color of the sky and the sea.
  • that is such a beautiful color.
  • that color is beautiful.
  • the color of twilight...
  • it is so beautiful.
  • you won’t answer me?
  • then why won’t you answer me???
  • i guess i’m useless.
  • so, who’s your favorite tynkerer?
  • peppermint productions
  • i know right? 100% agree with you!
  • nice choice. i 99% agree with you.
  • fantastic choice. i agree with you.
  • great choice, i agree with you.
  • amazing choice. i agree with you.
  • you have amazing taste. i agree with you.
  • yeppers, agreed.
  • so, what do you think about plagiarism on tynker?
  • it’s bad and should stop
  • i don’t think it’s good, in my personal opinion.
  • why do you think it’s aight, anyways?
  • i 100% agree with you.
  • however, i’m still wondering...
  • why do you think plagiarism should be stopped?
  • how are you doing today?
  • do you play minecraft?
  • what’s your username?
  • .... nice username!
  • i used to play minecraft: pocket edition, but i don’t really play it anymore...
  • oh, it’s a nice game, you should consider playing it!
  • why are you feeling bad?
  • what is your favorite animal? (answer in all lowercase)
  • which panda is it?
  • red pandas are beautiful!
  • ambertheredpanda
  • this is my stuffed animal! her name is amber!
  • she is a red panda!
  • giant pandas are beautiful!
  • waffle the giant panda
  • this is my brother’s stuffed animal! his name is waffle!
  • he’s a giant panda!
  • llamas are so beautiful!
  • say hello to oliver!
  • i agree with you 100%! although i am a fox....
  • say hello to waffle!
  • he is a giant panda!
  • say hello to amber!
  • that animal is so beautiful!
  • do you like tynker?
  • oh, maybe i should rephrase the question.
  • do you love tynker?
  • now that’s the spirit! :d
  • do you play sports?
  • what is your favorite sport that you play? (answer in all lowercase)
  • i call that soccer!
  • that’s cool, too!
  • swimming is really nice!
  • oh, that’s really cool!
  • i am interested in swimming, however.
  • do you mind if i ask you something?
  • no, i don’t mind
  • i’m sorry for asking.
  • hi there! i’m feeling a lot better now.
  • sorry for what happened earlier.
  • i think you’re a wonderful person, by the way.
  • waffle is orange!!!!!
  • spitondembroddas
  • inside, there is a note. it reads,
  • , i hope your birthday is as wonderful as you are. you are so fantastic that i wish you the happiest birthday known to man(and woman) kind. i hope you get lots of presents and lots of love on your birthday!

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