Automatic Grapher

by SpicySpaceSnake



The automatic graphing device will direct points to your desired location, plot points for you, and draw lines. All you need to do is give the coordinates!




input/output, basic math, simple conditionals, advanced messaging, variables, simple variables, simple messaging, visibility, simple events, advanced events, simple drawing, advanced costume handling, advanced motion, simple motion, delays, pen size, fill color, pen color

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Text Snippets

  • this is an automatic graphing device.
  • you can graph things using the given points.
  • click the blue button to show/hide more functions.
  • then, click the orange bubble for more info.
  • what do you want to do?
  • go to coordinate
  • what is your x-coordinate?
  • what is your y-coordinate?
  • you are drawing a line from...
  • green button off
  • purple button off
  • purple button on
  • which point would you like to summon?
  • what do you want to know?
  • adding/deleting movable points
  • graphing a non-movable point
  • clearing lines/points
  • my point went off the screen!
  • to move a colored point, click on it. click the 'move to coordinate' option.
  • it will ask you to enter x and y coordinates.
  • once you enter these, your point should move to the desired location.
  • see the red and green buttons at the top right of the screen?
  • the red one deletes points, and the green one adds points.
  • click on any colored point. select the 'plot a point' option.
  • enter the desired x and y coordinates.
  • a black point should appear at that location. remember that black points are non-movable!
  • position two points at where you want the ends of your line to be.
  • select any colored point. select the 'draw a line' option.
  • select the 2 points you are drawing the line between.
  • a line should appear!
  • in the functions bar, there should be a blue bubble.
  • clicking on it will clear all lines and black points.
  • if you tell a point to go to a coordinate, and it flies off the screen, do not fear!
  • all you have to do is click the purple button.
  • then, select the color of the point that went off the screen.
  • it should come right back to the center of the screen!
  • showing/hiding points
  • showing/hiding the functions bar
  • it is not possible to show or hide points just like that.
  • the closest thing to this is adding or deleting movable points or clearing black points and lines.
  • you hide the functions bar just like you showed it at the beginning.
  • by clicking the blue buttion, you can hide or show the functions bar.
  • really clear all black points and drawn lines?


  • bluepoint - actor
    bluepoint - actor
  • redpoint - actor
    redpoint - actor
  • greenpoint - actor
    greenpoint - actor
  • orangepoint - actor
    orangepoint - actor
  • graphpoint - actor
    graphpoint - actor
  • -button - red button off
    -button - red button off
  • -button - red button on
    -button - red button on
  • +button - green button off
    +button - green button off
  • +button - green button on
    +button - green button on
  • summoner - purple button off
    summoner - purple button off
  • summoner - purple button on
    summoner - purple button on
  • show/hide - cyan button off
    show/hide - cyan button off
  • show/hide - cyan button on
    show/hide - cyan button on
  • help button - orange ball
    help button - orange ball
  • clear button - blue ball
    clear button - blue ball

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