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ASDF Movie Shorts pt.2

by Far Ocean



ASDF Movie Shorts pt.2, a project made by Far Ocean using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Funny, Storytelling


input/output, delays, advanced costume handling, simple loops, simple events

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  • ASDF Movie Shorts pt.2
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  • in the future, a peaceful city is peaceful.
  • until a race of ailens from the planet dandylion comes to invade earth!!!
  • they are known as the boxes, a dangerous thing that attacks you, and eats you.
  • no one knows why the boxes came.
  • this is the story of the survivors and stuff blah blah blah this is getting boring just start it
  • (sam) why is that city burning?
  • (emma) we need to go see if anyone needs help!
  • (paul)can you stop bus driver please?
  • wait stop! guy that made box apocalypse here. these are the main characters in the story.
  • and guy with a tie and emma
  • ok thats all back to the story!
  • (all)woah!!! watch out its a box!!
  • (sam)is everyone ok?
  • (paul) no, we just got in a car crash.
  • (emma)good thing that box is dead. if it was not dead, it probably would of eaten us.
  • (emma)are we going to see if there are any survivors at the city???
  • (sam)yeah, lets go.
  • a few mins later....
  • (sam) lets go sleep at that hotel.
  • (sam) we need to find the man that is calling these boxes!
  • (???) maybe i might know.
  • (all) what? where are you?
  • (???) right here on the store.
  • (guy with tie) i dont have a name. but you can call me guy with a tie.
  • (guy with tie) follow me. i heard a rumor that boxes are being called from a area.thats our only chance of stoping the boxes.
  • (sam) i think thats the button that calls the boxes!
  • (sam) im going to press it!
  • (emma) noooo wait!
  • (emma) that was the button to call the box!
  • (emma) oh wait. the buttons not pluged in.
  • (sam) that was a close one.
  • (tie guy) there it is! the box stoper! press it! and we can save the world!
  • ( button ) beep! all boxes stop! beep!
  • (button) beep! are you sure you want all boxes stoped? beep?
  • (sam) i want all boxes stoped.
  • (button) beep! ok. beep!
  • (button) would you like to have some pizza while you wait?
  • (all) we would love pizza!
  • they all ate pizza. and stoped all boxes. now the credits will roll