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art contest!!!

by OiLViA LoL

originally from "art contest!!!" by Shining Star



art contest!!!, a project made by OiLViA LoL using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.

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  • these are the rules: 1: you can not use something you did not draw such as imiges form the internet. 2: you have to put your name!!!!! if you do not put your username(or real name if you like) then i will not be able to tell who made this art pice. 3: you can draw anything as long as it is apropete.
  • no prizes, but! i will show the art you made in this projet. remix this project and put your art in the place of mine(you can do more than one but put it in the same project) ;) you can draw on tynker, scech pad, any other drawing apps.