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🐶Animal’s Got Talent🐶

by R3b3cca



🐶Animal’s Got Talent🐶, a project made by R3b3cca using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Funny, Art, gif, Storytelling


visibility, delays, simple events, simple messaging, input/output, advanced costume handling, text handling, simple loops, simple sound playing, music and instruments, layers, variables, simple variables, touching actor, basic math, simple conditionals, simple drawing

  • #Lines:439
  • #Actors:21
  • #Costumes:39
  • #Scripts:86

Text Snippets

  • 🐶Animal’s Got Talent🐶
  • welcome to the first, annual animal’s got talent!!
  • this year we have 10 competitors!
  • please give a round of applause to our first act, piano cat!
  • next we have bruno, the dancing dog!
  • bruno, dancing dog
  • now lets watch our very own, balloon twisting, rabbit!
  • balloon twisting
  • give a round of applause for, fire-fleeing goldfish!
  • now lets give it up for, dj hammy!!
  • now lets hear it for, the school choir!
  • please welcome, the one, the only, strongmouse!!
  • now lets welcome ‘ penguin on ice’!!
  • next we have ‘dragons will fly’!!
  • oh! the tent is burning down!
  • i guess that’s the end of the show.
  • wait! we better vote for the best act!
  • who was your favourite?
  • here is their trophy!!
  • thanks for watching!!
  • balloon twister, rabbit
  • thanks everyone!!
  • thank you! thank you!
  • balloon twisting rabbit
  • fire-fleeing goldfish

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