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Animal Crossing New Leaf Original

by Imaginary Culture



Animal Crossing New Leaf Original, a project made by Imaginary Culture using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Photo, Art, Storytelling, Animation, Animals, Remake


simple conditionals, basic math, miscellaneous, simple variables, variables, simple loops

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Text Snippets

  • Animal Crossing New Leaf Original
  • attention, we are at
  • click on who you are. a girl or boy?
  • once done talking to mr. nook, go to pashmina first and then chops.
  • glitch: for some reason, on the ipad, the background is so small. i have no idea how to fix i guess you will have to deal with it...
  • hey i am not going to update this anymore...i feel like i have gotten lazy with updates, so i will stop. thank you all for everything, but i am done with this project..
  • thank you for understanding. -destiny (imaginary culture)
  • made by destiny (icky culture) only! no remixing!!!!!!!!
  • don’t touch the boy or girl character (depending on what you choose) otherwise you would end up all over again and this would be a glitch. i can’t fix it, so yeah.
  • no way, leave me alone kitty cat.
  • i’m glad that there’s still rude people in the world! i’ll just sit here anyways.
  • oh, yes! my name is rover.
  • what is your name, by the way?
  • that is a good name for a guy like you!
  • you’re welcome!
  • oh! i’m so sorry!
  • where are you going? (you can enter town or city if you would like)
  • ? oh yeah, that place!
  • oh, that’s your stop!
  • hi there! i’m isabelle!
  • you must be the new mayor! welcome!
  • i’m not the new mayor!
  • what are you talking about, dog?
  • hahahaha, you’re really funny, mayor!
  • well, welcome to
  • oh no! i forgot about your house!
  • i know! you can go to tom nook!
  • just go over to him!
  • oh, hello there!
  • my name is tom nook.
  • oh! you must be the new mayor! yes, yes, welcome!
  • need a house?
  • well, i can lend you a tent. follow me!
  • here is your new tent!
  • it is just temporary, and for the costs of the tent, you will need to pay.
  • but at the moment, i’m still trying to calculate the total cost.
  • come by later to get the bill!
  • can work for me to get money!
  • do you know how to use a map, though?
  • let me show you. tap at the map in the corner.
  • then click nook’s cranny. that’s my shop.
  • i’ll see you there!
  • i would like you to go around town and interact with the other villagers.
  • after all, you need to familiarize yourself with the villagers to do the deliveries for me, yes yes!
  • hello, mayor! so, did you talk to both chops and pashmina? i hope you did!
  • it doesn’t matter, though. this may be a bit weird, but i will let you explore the town! yeah, that good?
  • how? well, through the map, of course!
  • though, you can’t visit your fellow villagers. i’m terribly sorry.
  • i will be out of the shop for a while, so you also can’t visit me.
  • also, before you go, i want to teach you how to save.
  • press the save button and agree to save your data, or else it won’t remember.
  • that’s it! it’s as easy as that!
  • hello, there! welcome to my humble home!
  • oh, you must be the new mayor! everyone is talking about you!
  • well, i’m doing good. i do have to clean my house, in fact. i have to go now. see you!
  • would you like to save?
  • then, your progress will not be saved.
  • that is the end. please like if you enjoyed and i may add more. please don’t remixing, i spent a lot of time making this.
  • wait...140 likes?! thank you all! 😊
  • made by destiny (ic), pictures of characters: credit to nintendo!
  • oh, hey. name’s chops.
  • you say you’re the new mayor?
  • ohhh, yes! i remember isabelle talking about you! welcome!
  • oh jeez, i talk too much! so, what’s up?
  • mr. nook wants me to introduce myself
  • well, it was nice talking to you. bye!
  • welcome to the able sisters!
  • here’s what we have in store!
  • this is the western shirt, availiable only in the winter! get it while you can!
  • buywrestlertank?
  • this outfit cost 352 bells. what do you think?
  • yeah, i’ll buy it!
  • nah, i’m good.
  • you do not have enough bells.
  • this is a tuxedo!
  • buyseacaptain’scoat?
  • this outfit cost 7600 bells. what do you think?
  • this is the milkmaid dress.
  • buybluesuperhero?
  • this outfit cost 720 bells. what do you think?

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