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Animal Crossing My Town So Far... 1

by Fascinated Marshmallow

originally from "Animal Crossing My Town So Far..." by Spurious Reign



Animal Crossing My Town So Far... 1, a project made by Fascinated Marshmallow using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.




visibility, input/output, simple messaging, simple events, delays, advanced costume handling, advanced messaging, simple variables, simple loops, miscellaneous, basic math, simple conditionals, lists, simple sound playing, layers, music and instruments

  • #Lines:305
  • #Actors:22
  • #Costumes:40
  • #Scripts:73

Text Snippets

  • Animal Crossing My Town So Far... 1
  • adventurous music
  • attention we have come to
  • inside tom nook's
  • Adventurous Music
  • my name is rover. what's your name?
  • animal crossing my town is based on the animal crossing games such animal crossing new leaf and animal crossing wild world. all of the characters are from these games such as rover and isabelle. i have made more games such as fluffville and i'm working on a others. i enjoy other tynkered games such as gnome cafe and color switch. my favorite animal crossing characters are k.k. slider, rover, and sable. and please don't copy!
  • and welcome to
  • town! my name's isabelle!
  • we love all new residents here!
  • of course you need a place to live come on and i'll bring you to tom nook!
  • here we are at tom nook's
  • here we are tom nook's
  • drawing copy copy
  • drawing copy copy copy
  • well i suppose until your dept is paid i'll be on my way helping the mayor.
  • hello can i sit next to you?
  • it's nice to know there is still rude people out there. i'm going to sit next to you anyway!
  • my name's rover!
  • what is your name?
  • you're a pretty cool guy
  • so where are you heading?
  • town is very nice indeed.
  • oh i'm so sorry!
  • well i suppose this means goodbye
  • . maybe we will see each other again.
  • you need a home and you have no money.... i suppose you can work for your house.
  • let me first show you the list of tasks and you can pick your first task!
  • task 1- bring a package to goldie task 2- paint walker's roof task 3- remodel lobo's house
  • finished reading
  • alright now pick your task
  • alright here's the package!
  • alright here's the paint!
  • alright here's the tools!
  • you don't know how to go places? here let me show you.
  • press the map button and it will show you all of the places you can go. this includes shops and houses. the map button should be on the top left of the screen. the button won't be there during when you're talking to someone and for some other reasons.
  • this feature is not out yet

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Animal Crossing My Town So Far... 1
Animal Crossing My Town So Far... 1
Animal Crossing My Town So Far... 1 1