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An Elemental Adventure! 2

by Orderly Astronaut

originally from "An Elemental Adventure!" by Humming Stunt



An Elemental Adventure! 2, a project made by Orderly Astronaut using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Art, Game, Animation, Stick Figure, Cool / Wow, Customizer


delays, basic math, simple conditionals, conditional loops

  • #Lines:319
  • #Actors:23
  • #Costumes:34
  • #Scripts:129

Text Snippets

  • An Elemental Adventure! 2
  • the day kingdom
  • woah... this is cool!!!
  • that guy sure is wierd, im gonna google him.
  • the random dot thats anoying
  • *gasp* oh no! *covers mouth*
  • *gasps for breath* wh- what are you doing here!
  • what is your name
  • hello traveller! welcome to the kingdom of day! wh- what is that? you seem to conduct some sort of power! what is it?
  • are you even a king!?!?
  • i dont even know you!!!
  • yes... do you think i am?
  • your hat’s weird
  • oh... anyway follow me
  • anyway... can... i stay here?
  • can i stay here please?!
  • we are always open to vistors! *cough* besides the lunar guards *cough*
  • i. love. you. thankyou!!!
  • do you have any idea what the lunar guards are?
  • ok phew... they work for the lunar queen of the night kingdom. and are evil!
  • scary story... tell me more...
  • is this a story?
  • its not a story! this is real! pay attention!
  • i just finished my last year of school!
  • i am!!! just finished school.
  • you need to learn more lessons than just maths and english!
  • history? and alot of other stuff?
  • theres... history! hmmmm?
  • then when they come attacking at night you better be ready! they hate light!
  • the night kingdom
  • this is were you’ll be staying!
  • King Solar (King Of The Day Kingdom)
  • tonight we are going to raid the day kingdom! we’ve had enough of their evil business!
  • Queen Lunar (Queen Of The Night Kingdom)
  • yes queen lunar!
  • we’re supposed to be raiding this place but-not to be a creep or anything-i looked on your computer and saw you found out that king solar was evil. so i’ve come to rescue you.
  • ok... but dont expect me to love you.
  • my name’s stacy. yours?
  • . what do you say, we get out of this dump?

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