all about Roblox talking with Riley

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  • hi guys i am here i haven't done a talking with riley because i have been so busy
  • today i will be talking only about roblox today and some games in roblox
  • the shoutout goes to keilani516 is that how u say it who knows
  • lets get started
  • whats your favorite roblox game?
  • i know what mine is, it's bloxburg
  • on bloxburg you can create and bulid a house and decort your house and cook food and you can work you can also play with your friends, but that is really hard to.
  • if you don't know what roblox is it a game that has a lot of games it has millions of games that kids and adults make you can also change your charate and you can get robux for bloxburg and for your character
  • have u ever heard about blox watch?
  • if you haven't i will tell you about it. it is a group of people that try to hack your account so if u don't have a account and your going to get roblox make your passwork really hard so no one will guess it
  • if you play roblox do you know how to say numbers in roblox?
  • the easest thing is to do this {{{4}}} like that
  • or song2 sometimes it doesn't work
  • ok that is all 😭😭. she you next time😄😄😄


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