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AirX-Update 2

by Awesome Coder

remixed from "AirX-Update" by DreamCraft_YT

originally from "Flight Simulator" by Therapeutic Circuit



AirX-Update 2, a project made by Awesome Coder using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, Simulator, Art, Animation, Physics Engine, Cool / Wow, Storytelling


simple variables, basic math, variables, functions, simple loops, delays, simple conditionals, simple sound playing, advanced math, miscellaneous

  • #Lines:1023
  • #Actors:31
  • #Costumes:50
  • #Scripts:145

Text Snippets

  • you had a heart attack and the passangers took over a nd crashed
  • you didnt land flat enough
  • you flew too low
  • you hit an obstacle
  • try to land on the runway as flat as you can
  • 43 high floor tom
  • the twin otter-so is a highly versatile craft with extreme range. can land at odd angles
  • the boeing 737 is a large commercial passenger plane
  • max altitude: 1200
  • max passengers: 137
  • max altitude: 2500
  • max passengers: 30
  • max altitude: 1500
  • you were struck by lightning
  • you went past the runway!