A quest, a project made by ItsMe_Elemental using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.



Text Snippets

  • welcome everyone to the quest group.this group is for everybody who is good at quests so i assume you all had no trouble with the apocolypse.
  • *stares at you for a while*
  • hey. you look familiar. what's your name?
  • uhh. everyone else get into your rooms. you come with me.
  • why arent you with the others?
  • what are you talking about?
  • you know. the other formlings...
  • your a formling. formlings can change into their animal. i know this because i know you from the great formling war.
  • unfortunately your family was caught by the bad guys. but my friend took you in their family.
  • your supposed to have a necklace with your animal on it. this lets you turn into an animal. without it you cant turn into an animal.
  • im going on a quest now to find that for you.
  • do you want to come? it would be good since it belongs to you
  • alright lets go.
  • take care of the gruop
  • wait what! i cant do that!
  • and be careful of the zombie in the closet.
  • i cant do this!!!!
  • what! i cant do that!
  • you lost. you could not handle the zombie
  • wait..whats in your pocket?
  • its a necklace. some old lady gave it to me. she said soon id know what its for.
  • well then. youve found the neclace :)
  • you found your necklace


  • background scene - Cave
    background scene - Cave