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A Glitch? I guess

by The Turtle Coder



A Glitch? I guess, a project made by The Turtle Coder using Tynker. Learn to code and make your own app or game in minutes.


Game, App, Animals, Animation

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  • hey, y'all who are seeing this. i am the person that made all of those space turtle games, like 3d space turtle, etc. i also made barky the moon dog, dogs vs cats (not an original game), and some other things. so, it looks like my projects unpublished. oh wait, i should mention i swapped from an ipad to a computer, also, which might be the cause of this, because i am on the website instead of an app, or something. i'm back, so expect to see some more projects coming out soon :). i will be trying to republish my old projects soon. oh wait, just thought, might have been a glitch, i think cryptic waffle was talking about that. yes, i havent done much editing.
  • thats all this project is for.
  • so uhh i guess press the stop button
  • wait, you can't while i'm using 'show dialog with []' blocks. hmm...
  • i guess this is it...
  • yeah ill stop now i guess?

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